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Tarmac Contractor | Tarmac Driveways Waterford

Our team are skilled tarmac contractors. We are equipped to deal with any sized tarmac project in Waterford and surrounding areas that you might have. Regardless of the size of the project, we come equipped to offer you a beautiful and smooth finish to all your tarmac and asphalt needs. Our team is highly qualified in laying all styles of tarmac, asphalt or bitumen.

Tarmac can be laid in many different styles. As your tarmac contractor we can advise you on everything involved with it. It can vary in chip size to allow a smooth or coarse finish. You can choose asphalt to ensure a tight, smooth jet black finish to your driveway. 


We offer a very competitive tarmac sealing service as well to all our customers in Waterford. This can restore tarmac back to its original colour and gloss while protecting it for an extended period of time. Let us be your tarmac contractor of choice. We offer affordable prices and competitive quotes.


A tarmac driveway does not mean it has to be plain or boring. You can do multiple extra touches to tarmac to make it stand out. You can add some marble chipping to the driveway to give a speckled white and black finish. You can install a pure resin and chip driveway which is extremely durable and very safe to walk on.

You can rest assured that whatever your tarmac requirements in Waterford are, Keystone Driveways are the company for you! Give us a call now for a free no obligation quotation on your driveway or patio in Waterford and Kilkenny areas. You will love our prices.