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Frequently Asked Questions

At Keystone Driveways we aim to be as transparent with our processes as possible. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please contact us or call 085 739 4770 to speak to our friendly team.

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The high durability membrane used will last upwards of 200 years when underground and not exposed to UV light.

No, you won’t need planning permission if  your new driveway uses permeable (or porous) surfacing. This means the surface allows water to drain through, and applies to gravel, permeable concrete, block paving or porous Tarmac. This also applies if rainwater is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally.

In Ireland, a block paving driveway cost around 4000 to 6000. This includes material costs and labor fees. Various factors affect the overall cost, so it is best to request a free quote from a trusted driveway company to know how much you need to budget for this project

The cheapest of the cheapest driveway options, gravel can cost very little indeed to install as a driveway in Ireland. And, unlike concrete or tarmac, there is some wiggle room on the appearance front: you can choose between different shades or colours of gravel.

In Ireland, a tarmac driveway project will cost you roughly  45 to 80 euro per square meter. Or if you prefer, a global usual cost of the tarmac driveway in Ireland is about €3000, but the maximum of driveways in Ireland ranges between 2500 to 5000

How much does imprinted concrete cost? Pattern imprinted concrete is usually charged per square meter with prices ranging from 50 per meter up to well over 120 per meter. However, most installation companies will have a minimum order value of 1500 to 2500

Most driveways for a medium sized property (ie. 3 bedroom semi) take around 2-4 days. Some simpler options such as gravel can be completed quicker.

Other factors may affect this so we can give a more accurate estimate when we survey your property and give you a price quote.

Our philosophy is to create as little disruption as possible when laying new driveways. Waste and rubble are put straight on our lorries for transport to recycling centres and we ensure none of it is left on your property.

We also take great care to avoid obstructing roads and pathways, keeping the area as safe as possible.

After every driveway or patio installation we give full advice on how to maintain your surface and keep it in good condition.

To sum up, the cost of paving a patio varies from 45 to 180 per square meter. The materials of your choice is the most significant factor determining the cost.